Learning Sessions

Learning Sessions

To assist instructional planning and teaching, students are assessed prior to learning sessions. The initial diagnostic assessment is usually completed over one or two sessions and provides information on:

  • phonological awareness (ability to identify and manipulate sounds in spoken language)
  • letter-sound correspondences
  • encoding (spelling) 
  • decoding (reading) 

A written analysis and summary of the assessment is provided.

*ReadsWell does not diagnose Dyslexia. The Australian Dyslexia Association provides an affordable pre-assessment screening service. Comprehensive assessments can be obtained through an Educational psychologist.  

One-on-one learning sessions are:

  • 60 minutes duration
  • twice-weekly, within the school term framework
  • personalised and paced to meet individual learning needs
  • emotionally sound - students are praised and encouraged, gain confidence in their abilities and experience success in their learning

“Go as fast as you can, but as slow as you must” - Anna Gillingham, co-founder of the Orton-Gillingham approach